Cincinnati ruled, not governed

Recently, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory released his GO Cincinnati “Growth and Opportunities” Project report “outlining recommendations for a strategic approach for economic development.” According to the City website:

the GO Cincinnati Steering Committee and Project Teams – more than 200 community and business leaders – presented 14 recommendations to help the city reposition its assets to attract businesses, employees and residents.

I wonder who the community and business leaders were? For, also recently published is the voluntary association of scholars, activists, and community residents, Cincinnati Studies’,  “Who Rules Cincinnati?” which

argues that seven corporations have dominated the City of Cincinnati’s economy, society, and politics, leading to “distorted development” and “grotesque contrasts between rich and poor” with “a particularly damaging impact on the African American population.”

The study, a compendium of information on Cincinnati-based corporations, their revenues, profits, the salaries of their officers, and their political contributions, also describes the role of corporate coalitions such as Cincinnati Business Committee (CBC), Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated (DCI), and Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC).

The findings of the study as summarized are fascinating. Both reports are available at their respective websites and should prove interesting reading in conjunction with each other.


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